[Q] Who is Tony?

[A] Tony Fasulo is just an ordinary person like millions of people out there and just like you. There is nothing spectacular about him. All he is doing is letting out a little of his internal magic and that’s something we can all do too!
His philosophy is to remember we are all the same – we are all human. No-one is better than you so don’t ever think that they are. If someone has achieved a lot in their life it is just because they have chosen to and you can too! So don’t ever put yourself down as you ARE a special and amazing human being. Tony is here to help you realise this. As he just loves seeing people do more with their lives than they ever thought they could.

[Q] What’s his background?

[A] Tony is a passionate studier of people and their behaviours and how they interact with one another.
He’s been on management courses on behaviour; been through NLP training; attended many seminars on improving yourself and had one to one training with some of the best teachers available to understand people and how they think and act. Tony has also read and studied literally hundreds of books on motivation, inspiration and how to improve yourself for over 25 years and this has ingrained deep within him that he can and does help others do more with their lives.

[Q] What can Tony do for me or for my team and organisation?

[A] Tony has spoken to many different people from different ages and backgrounds and encouraged all to better themselves and improve their lives with just small simple daily adjustments. These adjustments can change your life’s direction for the better so you CAN and WILL reach your true potential.
These adjustments are very simple, nothing difficult, but so many of us just don’t do them often enough which is the major issue. He can help you get on track and actually do these simple steps so you can succeed in whatever you want to do. He’s a real motivator and can inspire you to do those things which will go on to make YOU better and as a result indirectly help all those you associate with. This is the simple “Ripple” effect. It  will make your world far better and the people that your come into contact with, much better too.
Yes, he truly believes you can make the world a better place by making yourself better first and this WILL have a positive baring on you, your family, team or organisation!

You know you CAN make a different if you really choose to. Deep down inside in those quiet moments you know you can be better, just overcome that little voice of doubt which we all have and you can achieve amazing things!
So try and make the relatively short time on this planet as great as you can and remember to smile and enjoy life’s journey too!

Go on, give us a smile!