I’d Like to Kill My Co-Worker!

Summary: Building Relationships in the Workplace

  • Understanding each other using the “2Q – Compass® System
  • We are all different, so respond to situations differently
  • We don’t work in a lighthouse, we have to work together in teams, but getting along doesn’t always go to plan
  • Relating to colleagues easier breeds happiness levels which increase profitability, and balanced with appropriate humour in the workplace, increases productivity


  • Higher productivity from everyone means more profits for your team and organization
  • Teams will LEARN about their differences and LEARN why they act the way they do
  • Relate to one another far better, resulting in greater co-operation and results!
  • Tony will help to establish both happiness and productivity within your teams, so you have a friendly co-operative team who ENJOY being productive!
  • Teams will understand each other’s differences and therefore deal with each personality accordingly because they now understand their personality “style”
  • Anyone that has teams of people who need to collaborate and work together, will get tremendous value from this talk
  • Any standard workplace that needs everyone to get along and understand each other’s difference


Men are from Mars, but women are from planet ZOD!

Summary: How men and women compare to one another

  • Why are men and women different?
  • In this world of equality, aren’t the sexes already equal and get along?


  • Understand why both sexes work the way they do
  • How we can relate to one another more, so we can collaborate properly and know how we all “tick”
  • Women will learn how to relate to a man, and men will learn how to understand women
  • Both sexes are not separately weird, they are merely different
  • Learn what the differences are and how to get the best from one another


Free Your Magic

Summary: How to FREE your own special talents

  • You will let out the best YOU, you didn’t realize was inside of you!
  • Do you have talents locked away inside? You bet you do!


  • Simple attainable steps to actually become the BEST person, that you can be
  • When you are living up to your potential you are better at work; better to progress your career; better with family; in fact, all areas of your life!
  • You CAN then make a positive difference to your own life and those you come into contact with


The Doctor is Wrong!

Summary: Real Life Message of Hope Against all the Odds

  • You will get a clear message of hope and you will understand that whatever the situation YOU have the power to change it if you so CHOOSE to
  • In a life and death situation, you still have hope and choices to take


  • This is a message of hope that anyone and everyone needs to hear to understand that you should never give up despite the circumstance
  • Your attitude and the way you respond has more power than you ever first realised


But I like my fry-up in the morning…?

Summary: The habits we perform day to day that define us

  • Why we perform those habits?
  • Our “Comfort zone” habits
  • How we can break old habits and form new ones
  • Why change? Our habits got us to where we are now?


  • How can ingrained old habits be changed and adjusted to form new habits
  • Everyone will be given a formula for change if they “choose” to change
  • Why change? Our habits got us to where we are now, but if we form new better habits, your boss will be happier with you!
  • You will be more productive and certainly, your co-workers and loved ones too will notice the better parts to you too!