Do you enjoy life right now?

Do you enjoy life right now? If you don’t enjoy life now, when are you planning to?

You could give this reason, “but the world at the moment is so terrible and prices are sky high for everything so how am I supposed to enjoy life?

Whilst these are real issues that need to be dealt with, they should NOT be the reason you are not enjoying life. Life is actually separate from all of these issues. These issues are just part of your life’s journey that you encounter and you have to navigate around.
And you WILL get bad stuff that happens on your life’s journey and you WILL get good stuff that happens too!

Enjoying life is a decision that YOU control. You can decide to enjoy it or decide not to.

So yes you will have bumps in the road, everyone does, but ultimately you have to decide to enjoy life despite these bumps in the road.

Because if you had to swap places with someone who was in a warzone and being bombed each day, so that they didn’t know whether they would be around for their children, now would you swap places with them? Compare your issues with theirs…

So ensure that you DO enjoy life as much as possible. If you make that decision to enjoy life, strangely things will eventually go in your favour and you WILL enjoy life. So it is just a decision you have to decide to make

And then when you have decided, make each every day worth living, because we all have just a fleeting time on this planet, so do make the most of it and choose to enjoy the journey