Do you love your job?

Some people claim to “love” their job!
I am not so sure? They may merely like it a lot, which is great. Loving it however is a whole different ball game.

Those who are working for themselves “may” love what they do, but this is different because they are working for themselves and not a boss.

Those who are working for a boss, however, are actually less likely to actually “love” their job despite what they may believe. Although I am happy for people to tell me differently of course.

You see, if you don’t agree with this, because you truly believe you love your job, then please go to your boss when you see them next, and say, “keep the pay-check, I love my job I’ll do it for nothing every-day!”

In reality, I’d be surprised if anyone that had a boss did that! Because we are after all wanting to receive money for the job we are performing.

So you may really “like” your job rather than “love” your job, which is still admirable.

If you are willing to do your job for nothing because you do truly love it, then I tip my hat to you as you are in a minority and I guess your boss would be very happy with you!

If you are in this minorty and would be willing to do your job without a pay-check, can I make a suggestion?

Take that passion for the job and instead, try and do it for yourself, so you work for yourself doing this work. That way, you can benefit financially as well as love what you do.

Which is a WIN-WIN scenario.