Don’t Bother…

“Don’t bother helping other people, as other people don’t matter, you need to think only of yourself

Don’t bother helping others in need, they can help look out for themselves without any help from us

Don’t bother giving to charities to help others, because you should only think about yourself!”


Is this the language and the thoughts of a decent human being, who shows compassion to their fellow man?

Or are these the words that seem to be the new “standard” of behaviour being encouraged by some people of influence?


Rise above this poisonous rhetoric. Keep your standards high and don’t shy away from helping those others who need help.

Don’t stop saying supporting words to those that need to hear them. Don’t stop giving your love and compassion to the world at large. Because by being compassionate and thinking of others, sets us apart from wild animals.

We have evolved away from creatures who only think of themselves and not others. So if you succumb and go back to this backward thinking, you are returning yourself back to a primitive mindset with poor standards.

You are better than this. You are a compassionate, helpful and kind human being. With thoughts and actions which show this.

Keep your standards and integrity high as you are a wonderful HUMAN being, not an animal!