Thank someone today…

Genuinely thank someone today for something they have done and witness how it makes them feel…

Do it with sincerity and it could be for some straightforward act. It doesn’t need to be for something they have done that is huge.

It could be something as simple as someone serving you in a store, doing a small deed to help; or even someone who is just there for you with a smile.

But thank them sincerely for this.

By doing this you have made the world a better place, even for just this small gesture. You will have left them feeling slightly better because of your thanks, meaning they may reflect that feeling onto others that they may encounter too.

So the small deed of thanks to just one person, can make the world that slightly better place for many others.

So look to try and make this a regular “thing” where you thank someone each day and imagine the good it can do in the world.

Don’t worry about anyone’s response, just stick to thanking someone each day. This will make you feel good for doing this as well.