The way you act…reflects…

The way you act towards others reflects back to you…

Be nice and you attract nice things toward you.

Want love? Choose to be lovely and you will attract love.

Want happiness? Chose to be happy and you will attract happiness!

But be aware this also works in reverse. So behaving badly attracts bad behaviour. Being sad attracts further sadness, and not being lovely, certainly doesn’t attract love, it repels it.

Someone did say, “…aren’t you happy because of how life treats you?”
“So if life is bad, then your emotions reflect how you have faired. So if you encounter sadness, then you are sad and not happy, etc…”

Whilst yes there will be times when you encounter sadness and therefore you will be sad. You are only sad for a short time it is not your “default” state of being.

The sadness will pass and you will then return to being happy. You don’t “stay” constantly sad. Being sad all the time, should not be your default state. Rather you need to be happy as your default state, with only the occasional sadness that sometimes life brings. Certainly not the other way around.

And it is this that some people struggle with.

So act the best you can be towards others, with love, with kindness, with happiness and that good will reflect back to you!