We are all the same

We are all the same and no-one is better than you.

We are all human beings.

Someone else may have achieved more in the same time frame they have had and all that means is that they have been more “productive”. It doesn’t mean they are BETTER than you.

After all we all human, we all go to the toilet the same as everyone else and our blood is the same red colour when we bleed regardless of what we "look" like because we are all part of the human race.

So don’t feel intimidated if someone has achieved more. Don’t feel any less than them. Don’t feel you may have worked less, because that may not necessarily be the case. They may have had better tools or facilities at their disposal.

Just be respectful of others if they have had great achievements or successes, but remember you could do the same if you “choose” to surely? Especially if you repeat exactly the same things they did to get their achievements.