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Need to deliver a wedding speech but don’t know what to say or what to do?

If you are about to give a speech at a wedding because you are one of the wedding party, but don’t know where to turn, then you have come to the right place.

We offer a one-stop solution, which is quick and easy to complete, that can take you from this unsure position to someone who can deliver a wedding speech with confidence and poise, so everyone will be thinking you have been giving speeches for years!

If you haven’t yet enrolled in the speech training course, (which outlines everything from A to Z) then we suggest you register for that FIRST selecting the button below

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Need more support AFTER the audio training course

If you have completed the audio course and you perhaps need MORE coaching, support and a little hand-holding, we can help you there too.

We will assist with more detailed instructions and assistance to help ensure you deal with nerves and you come across assured with you overall speech delivery

We can help you deliver that magical wedding speech!

We offer these additional services should you need them:

OPTION 1 - Enhanced Wedding Speech Review Service
  • You create your speech using the techniques outlined in the audio training course
  • Record your speech using a mobile phone and upload it to our site
  • We review your speech and provide written feedback on your delivery within an agreed time frame
  • We will give you feedback on what you are good at and what you need improvement on
  • We ask you to re-record your speech a second time using the feedback and recommendations we will have provided and then ask you to upload it again
  • We review the updated footage a final time to provide any further tweaks required

Option 1 – Enhanced Service

OPTION 2 - Premium Wedding Speech Review Service
  • Same as in Option 1, but with these additional benefits
  • We assist you in the complete speech writing start to finish
  • We offer video face to face coaching to get to know you and help you be the best version you can be, in order to deliver your speech
  • We determine your strengths and weaknesses and help you to enhance your strengths and improve on your weaknesses
  • We help you to deal with nerves and to use correct speech pace and body language
  • We arrange 3x 20min video calls to determine how to tweak and deliver your speech and provide further video feedback on your delivery
  • We ensure your speech delivery is complete end-to-end and ready for the big day

Option 2 – Premium Service

If you are interested in any of the services above, then use the contact form below to indicate which service you require and we will be in touch

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