What value do you provide?

What value do you provide?
What do I mean by this? I am asking what value do you give to the planet? Is society and the world at large better off by you being here or are you a burden on it because you just take, take, take and not offering anything in return?
Remember the average adult lives a few decades on this planet, so that is ample time to contribute and make the world a better place. So what has been your contribution so far?
Have you made a difference in the right way? Have you left something for others to know you were an asset to the world?
If it were possible that you could look at yourself when you had finally died, how do you think those left behind would describe you? What eulogy would they give? How would you want them to remember you?
Would it be good? Would they sing your praises because of the contributions to others and the world at large you had made? Or would they find it difficult to find good words to describe you?
Thankfully if you are reading this then you are obviously not dead. So if you think you haven’t contributed to a better world enough yet, there is still time. No matter your circumstances and no matter what has gone on before in the past, today is a new day that hasn’t come along before so you can still make a difference in a positive way no matter how small
I urge you to make that difference and make the world a better place by helping all those around you as well as you are able to. Remember this clearly, we ALL have talents inside each of us to go and do good things for our family, friends and communities and when that final breath does eventually leave your body, loved ones and the world around you would hail your positive contributions and miss the fact you are gone.