I see so many people posting…

I see so many people posting pictures on social media of memorable moments in the past and some wish for those moments again.

Whilst I appreciate it is lovely to reminisce the past, we can’t live in the past. We can only affect the present and the future.

The past doesn’t define your future either, so enjoy the memories, but don’t live in the past. Live for today and plan and enjoy the future.

Your future hasn’t been defined for you yet, and if you live your life to the fullest you may find future memories you create, may become even better than the ones you have already experienced.

That, however, is up to you based on your actions from today onwards.

What would happen if…

What would happen if you said, “Yes, I WILL do it”, more often during your life’s journey? Instead of, “No, I can’t”?

Even if you didn’t know “HOW” to do what you are saying “Yes” to, you are now opening up opportunities that weren’t there already. Yes, you may have put yourself under some pressure to achieve what you said YES to, especially if you didn’t know how to do it yet. However, success in life isn’t achieved by saying NO to things.

Success comes when you say YES and then make a go of it!

What if it’s all a dream?

What if what we are experiencing is all a dream? What if when we eventually die, we actually wake up?

This has been doing the rounds for a while, in that we are all, in fact, dreaming of what we see and do every day. A bit like the film the Matrix.

But because we don’t have any evidence to prove this as yet (if even we ever can do!), we, therefore, have to go with what we DO know and have evidence for. Which is that THIS is our life and we need to live it as best we can and lead it as fully and as fulfilled as we possibly can.

Because if eventually, we do find out that this is all just a big dream, then we would have at least lived the dream beautifully and not had a nightmare instead!


Change can’t…or can’t change?

If you often catch yourself saying, “I can’t do that…”, change the vocabulary to “won’t” instead.

Why would changing the word CAN’T to WON’T make any difference, you may ask?

Well, it’s a small step in you realizing that the control is yours and doesn’t belong to some external factor totally out of your control.

You are CHOOSING not to do something as opposed to you really being unable to do it.

This small change in words makes a difference in your mind, so you realize the reason you are not doing the “thing” is entirely up to you!

Once you have made this first step, the progression to “I CAN do that…” will be easier

So changing CAN’T to WON’T is just the first part of your journey, to “I CAN!”


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Never put off till tomorrow…

Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.

This is also true when speaking to family and loved ones. Tell them TODAY how you feel about them if you love them. Don’t wait.

Don’t wait and think, I have time, I’ll do tomorrow or another day. Why wait? Telling someone you love them is far more important than many other things going on in our lives today.

Because there will come a time when tomorrow DOESN’T come round for them at all.

And all you will be left with is a missed opportunity, saddled with sadness and regret.


Strive for Success

We may strive for success, but should not neglect our integrity whilst doing so.

Integrity is our foundation and then success follows on top. Otherwise, you are merely laying sand waiting for it to crumble.