Tony Talks 2 Series…

In a series of interviews, Tony speaks to key people in business and entrepreneurship to discuss their ideas for success and what leads them in their respective journeys

Global CEO Rebecca Page from

Global CEO Rebecca Page from is interviewed by Tony, where he finds out a little more about Rebecca’s personal life and background. Rebecca also reveals a number of useful insights on how businesses can adapt and grow as well as sharing how Rebecca started her own business and grew it into a multi-million-pound global enterprise.

Victor Tarfa, Award-Winning International Speaker, Corporate MC, Published Author and Trainer

Victor gives us the background story of his journey so far and some wonderful takeaway life tips that can help anyone move forward in life. A wonderful interview!


Victor Tarfa, Transformational Speaker, Corporate MC, Author & Trainer

Michael Khatkar is the Managing Director of British Company Viva MK.

Tony interviews Michael to discover what makes him tick, what is his background and any success tips and inspiration he can provide during his journey


Debbie Gee – Entrepreneur and owner of “The Tortoise Hotel”


David Bibby – Networker & Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience