Weight Loss

We all come in many shapes and sizes

If you are not happy with yourself and you want to do something about it, then you need to address 2 major areas:

  1. Lose the weight
  2. Keep the weight off long term

Both of these can be resolved with the training that Tony can provide

1. Losing Weight

You need to change what you eat. We in the Western World have too many sugars in our diet AND our food portion sizes are simply too large.

Whilst the above is easy to identify and accept as an issue, fixing it, is all the more difficult.

This is why Tony teaches and promotes the LighterLife diet

The LighterLife diet replaces ALL your current food and drinks, with LighterLife food and it is 100% balanced to give you all the nutrients, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Thus eliminating the two major problems in the Western World in one fell swoop, that of reducing sugar and dealing with portion sizes.

All LighterLife products come pre-made or you just add water and prepare. Meaning you can eat 4 LighterLife meals a day AND still lose around one stone of weight per month (14lbs or 6.35Kg)

If you want to look at the range of products available, then select the link below:

2. Keeping the weight off

We tend to put weight on by performing a number of bad habits over a period of time. Those bad habits could have come from childhood, which we have taken into adulthood.

Such examples of this are “you must clear your plate before leaving the dinner table” is a common statement many children grew up with and took into adulthood.

And continuing this philosophy hasn’t served them well as they are overeating each mealtime, instead of stopping when they are full.

These sorts of habits need to be replaced with new habits which are not detrimental to your weight (and health)

Tony has training that can change your thinking and create new habits for you, so you form a good respectful relationship with food and don’t go back to the old ways of putting the weight back on again.

Tony will be your mentor helping you achieve your weight loss goals AND ensuring you have learnt the right skill to deal with food sensibly ONCE you have lost the weight using the LighterLife programme

To come along to a FREE Zoom session to find out more, register here:

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