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Title: How to be “Attractive”

Summary: Become attractive without relying on good looks

In this comprehensive training, you discover all the elements of the C.A.A.P.P System(R) that make you attractive to others.

Benefit to You

  • Discover what elements about YOU impress anyone else
  • What first impressions you can easily focus on to ensure they are the “right” lasting first impression
  • Ensure you do what is “right” in your actions, so others are drawn to you
  • Others will be DRAWN to you far easier as your charisma will be drawn out

Title: Your Thinking Defines Everything About You!

Summary: Mindset and Whether it Makes a Difference?

In this comprehensive training, you will discover what is a fixed mindset and what is a flexible open mindset and quickly understand where you and your work colleagues fit into this mindset

We show how your mindset is initially set and how your mindset can be “tweaked” and adjusted to make you more receptive to others so making better productivity and collaboration with your colleagues

Common Questions

  • Can your thinking and mindset really change?
  • What can be done to actually make a positive change?
  • What do I need to do to change my mindset?

Benefit to You

  • Discover how you actually see yourself
  • How you see others and this mental comparison
  • How to remove the self-doubts we all carry with us
  • How to take steps to realise your talents and your potential
  • How to make even slight mindset changes that propel your personal and career forward

Title: I’d Like to Kill my Co-worker!

Summary: Building Relationships in the Workplace

  • Understanding each other using the “2Q – Compass® System”
  • We are all different, so respond to situations differently
  • We don’t work in a lighthouse, we have to work together in teams, but getting along doesn’t always go to plan
  • Relating to colleagues easier breeds happiness levels which increase profitability, and balanced with appropriate humour in the workplace, increases productivity

Benefit to You

  • Higher productivity from everyone means more profits for your team and organization
  • Teams will LEARN about their differences and LEARN why they act the way they do
  • Relate to one another far better, resulting in greater co-operation and results!
  • Tony will help to establish both happiness and productivity within your teams, so you have a friendly co-operative team who ENJOY being productive!
  • Teams will understand each other’s differences and therefore deal with each personality accordingly because they now understand their personality “style”
  • Anyone that has teams of people who need to collaborate and work together, will get tremendous value from this talk
  • Any standard workplace that needs everyone to get along and understand each other’s difference

Title: Men are from Mars, but women are from planet ZOD!

Summary: How men and women compare to one another

  • Why are men and women different?
  • In this world of equality, aren’t the sexes already equal and get along?

Benefit to You

  • Understand why both sexes work the way they do
  • How we can relate to one another more, so we can collaborate properly and know how we all “tick”
  • Women will learn how to relate to a man, and men will learn how to understand women
  • Both sexes are not separately weird, they are merely different
  • Learn what the differences are and how to get the best from one another

Title: Free Your Magic

Summary: How to FREE your own special talents

  • You will let out the best YOU, you didn’t realize was inside of you!
  • Do you have talents locked away inside? You bet you do!


  • Simple attainable steps to actually become the BEST person, that you can be
  • When you are living up to your potential you are better at work; better to progress your career; better with family; in fact, all areas of your life!
  • You CAN then make a positive difference to your own life and those you come into contact with

Title: The Doctor is Wrong!

Summary: Real Life Message of Hope Against all the Odds

  • You will get a clear message of hope and you will understand that whatever the situation YOU have the power to change it if you so CHOOSE to
  • In a life and death situation, you still have hope and choices to take


  • This is a message of hope that anyone and everyone needs to hear to understand that you should never give up despite the circumstance
  • Your attitude and the way you respond has more power than you ever first realised

Title: But I like my fry-up in the morning…?

Summary: The habits we perform day to day that define us

  • Why we perform those habits?
  • Our “Comfort zone” habits
  • How we can break old habits and form new ones
  • Why change? Our habits got us to where we are now?


  • How can ingrained old habits be changed and adjusted to form new habits
  • Everyone will be given a formula for change if they “choose” to change
  • Why change? Our habits got us to where we are now, but if we form new better habits, your boss will be happier with you!
  • You will be more productive and certainly, your co-workers and loved ones too will notice the better parts to you too!

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