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Tony Fasulo
THE TNT TALKSHOW - Sat 17th December

In this episode, the boys have another of their popular Dynamite Conspiracy episodes, where they discuss the Dyatlov Pass...what is it?

And how did the strong experienced mountaineers come to their mysterious deaths after simply walking away from their tent in minus 30 degree temperatures, almost naked?

The deaths were all incredibly strange, even after several investigations.
The official cause of death still doesn't make sense.

What was going on here? What is being covered up?
Did this group encounter something the authorities just didn't want others to know?

Tayo has an idea how they may have perished, but Tony isn't so sure as Tayo's conclusion still doesn't totally explain the many traumas the unfortunate party experienced

But what are your thoughts on this topic? Is the evidence described enough to give you an idea of how they died? Or do you have alternate views?
Was it a government cover-up?

And do you agree with Tony and Tayo on this at all?

Tune in on *Saturday afternoon from 4pm* and listen to the discussion available on all popular and leading audio platforms, like Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast, Amazon Alexa and many more!

Just search for "The TNT Talk Show"

Please let us have your thoughts on the subject.

Although we much prefer effusive praise 😉 on our Facebook page, we enjoy and appreciate any feedback you might care to leave, so please have at it. If your comments cause outrage or apoplexy, we'll probably have you on the show because we're weird like that. 😁

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