Believe in Yourself

Let us first take this to the very basic level. We come into this world with nothing, and we eventually leave this world with nothing. It’s what you do in between that counts.
One thing you need to eradicate from your mind in the very beginning is that no-one is ‘better’ than you. Someone else may be better at a particular task or particular set of tasks, but we must make the distinction. They ‘may’ be better than you at these tasks, but that doesn’t make them better than you as a person. Unfortunately, we often get this muddled up. Many will fall into this trap, and put themselves in a self-imposed disadvantage before having even started! That’s why they decide up front they have no chance and never even ‘try’ things. Not a great way to look at life. But don’t be one of them! Remember we all go to the loo the same, no matter what shape, size or colour we are. We are all human beings!
So, we’ve established that no-one is better than us, but I know that many of you will take time to actually believe this. This tends to be because we compare something we aren’t necessary that good at doing, against someone who may be an expert in doing that task or activity. WRONG! Not a fair comparison, and again this goes into falsely confirming we are not as good as others and not believing in ourselves.
You are comparing yourself at the beginning stage with them at their best. Not a fair comparison is it?
Here’s a quickie that you can try and see how you feel…go to the toilet and try this as you may get funny looks from other people if you’re not alone!

Look in the mirror at yourself and say this:

“I look in a mirror and you know what I see? I see a WINNER staring back at me!”

Now I just KNOW a lot of you reading this would NOT have said this out loud! If however you have, then well done, but I suspect most of you were thinking, “No way am I saying this! I’ll be foolish!”
WHY? Why would you think you’d be foolish? Is it the words that you don’t believe? Is it that you don’t think you are a good enough to believe things like this about yourself? Or is it more likely to be the fact that you lack self confidence in YOU?
Come on! If you haven’t said it out loud go do it! I know you can! It WILL be liberating!

Okay, okay, I may be rushing you if you’re not yet ready. But sometimes you need that little nudge to do something which is slightly uncomfortable to get you to stretch and do more. So, if you really aren’t confident yet to say out loud say it quietly when standing on your own in front of your bathroom mirror. Then repeat it but a tiny bit louder. Then repeat it again, but again slightly louder still. Keep repeating this until it gets easier to say and you will notice that your voice is getting louder. It WILL really start to make you feel better the louder you get and you will be eventually saying it loud and with conviction and you will start to feel great! Trust me and give it a go
So say it over and over until you start to feel good about yourself!
Once you can master this basic step, this is the beginning of starting to believe in yourself. If you do start to master this then you will begin to feel more relaxed about yourself and ‘hopefully’ start to realise that you ‘are’ special. This realisation is the beginning for you to start searching for that hidden internal magic.
What you do with what you’ve got ‘inside’ is the all important thing. It isn’t that you can’t do it, it’s whether you WILL do something meaningful with that talent that you have inside of you.