Don’t Change Anything

Don’t change anything!

Because you’re happy with everything you’ve done and achieved so far in life, right?

So don’t change. You don’t need to.


However, if you AREN’T happy with everything in your life right now, then you really HAVE to change.

Otherwise, you will just continue to get the same results, which is the stuff you’re just acknowledged you’re NOT happy with!


Never compare your beginning with someone else’s established status!

Never compare your beginning with someone else’s established status!

It’s an unfair comparison as they have already been through the growing pains and are further along their own journey.

If you do compare, you can become intimidated and discouraged. So don’t directly compare to someone who is already a success in whatever you are also attempting to do. Remember they too started at zero in the beginning.

Instead, think of them as your yardstick of possibility.

You can see what they have achieved, so you too can strive to achieve the same, with a proper plan married with a work ethic that is consistent and persistent.

You’ve heard people say…

You’ve heard people say that if you do a task over and over it gets easier, right?

That’s actually not strictly true.

The task is getting easier and easier each time you do it, because you’re getting better and better each time!


So if you start doing something for the first time and it isn’t going as you expected, just keep doing it!

As you are improving each time you try and making YOU better!


It’s a new decade not just a new year

We wish many of our close friends and colleagues a happy new year when the new year starts, but what does this really mean? 
We are celebrating a date change in a calendar and we get all excited for the festivities that are associated with the new date, rather than the prospect of what the new date actually signifies. After all every new day should be celebrated because it is a NEW day and another NEW opportunity as you will not get this day again.
So rather than just wish people a happy new year and “hope” for the best, why not MAKE it a fantastic new year by putting into action all the things you have really wanted to do, but have put off for so long?
Yes it is only a date change in the calendar, but because it is a new year and a new decade it really does give the sense of starting anew. So grasp this opportunity to make the plans and put into action what you have wanted to get done. 
So 2020 will truly be a really happy new year for you and for those closest to you because you decided to make it a Happy New Year!

We are all the same

We are all the same and no-one is better than you.

We are all human beings.

Someone else may have achieved more in the same time frame they have had and all that means is that they have been more “productive”. It doesn’t mean they are BETTER than you.

After all we all human, we all go to the toilet the same as everyone else and our blood is the same red colour when we bleed regardless of what we "look" like because we are all part of the human race.

So don’t feel intimidated if someone has achieved more. Don’t feel any less than them. Don’t feel you may have worked less, because that may not necessarily be the case. They may have had better tools or facilities at their disposal.

Just be respectful of others if they have had great achievements or successes, but remember you could do the same if you “choose” to surely? Especially if you repeat exactly the same things they did to get their achievements.


About to take action…then don’t think

If you’re about to take action, on something positive for yourself or your family, then a good suggestion is to not think about it, just do it! 

Because if you hesitate and stop and think about what you’re about to do, your mind can play tricks on you and can conjure up thoughts on why you shouldn’t be doing what you’re about to do. It may plant negative thoughts on why you may not succeed and literally dissuade you from being successful.

So my suggestion to you, is if you’re about to take action, just do it and don’t think, just act! You’ll achieve so much more,


One caveat to this however, is as long as what you’re about to do isn’t anything dodgy or illegal of course. Then it IS right to think beforehand about what you are about to do!


If content is King, then the delivery is the Emperor

If the content is King, then the delivery is the Emperor!

What do I mean by this?

Well, you could have the most amazing content to present to your peers, audience, or someone in business, and your delivery is awful, the recipient won’t “buy” or take on board your message. They may appreciate what you are trying to convey to them, but the delivery of the message is what inspires them to take action on what you are trying to get across to them.

I have seen countless examples of great content, plans or ideas, but the delivery of that information has been so poor that the message has been lost or diluted.

So the delivery is AS important as the content itself and more often than not, the delivery is not given the importance that it deserves.

If you manage to make BOTH the content and delivery first class, then you are bound to succeed in whatever endeavour you are trying to achieve. As the recipients of your content will be enthused to take some sort of action based on your message.

So spend time on your delivery. Ensure it is of high quality. So your King of Content and Emperor of Delivery are standing shoulder to shoulder in harmony.