You need to come to this realization

You need to come to this realization…


It IS easy to fail in business. Especially without the right training and guidance!

You can end up running in circles, like when in a maze…and wondering why things aren’t working and how do you find the right path?


Most good training and guidance costs money and you then have to learn it AND apply it!

This takes effort and determination!


Rarely do you get good business guidance without monetary exchange, but when you do get it from a mentor or expert, grasp it. Use it. Put it into practice!

They had to gain experience and knowledge to get that information. They are now passing it onto you, so don’t waste this knowledge.


I dislike what some people put out on social media making out it is easy to build and grow a business. That is simply not true!


Building anything such as a business, or even a relationship, your health or anything else that is worthwhile, takes guidance, effort, and determination.

But in the beginning, it is always the knowledge and training to get you out of the maze!

Every step within the same river is always different

Life is fluid and forever changing.

So don’t think that once you have tried at something and it hasn’t gone to plan, that trying again is not worth doing.
Something will have changed.
You, will have changed.
Your mindset will have changed.
Renewed attempts therefore will be different if you learn to adjust where needed.

So never assume trying again will be pointless, because everything is different!

Every professional was first an amateur

Always remember, every professional was first an amateur. They had to master their craft (whatever that craft was) and persist using dedication and commitment. Only after significant time was applied (and this could be months and most likely years of effort) did they perfect their craft to be called “professional”.

So why do we want and expect instant results when we are attempting something new? It takes patience and time to get it right. Enough time consistently and persistently applied in order to master your craft.

So don’t get frustrated when you haven’t mastered your craft early on. Just more time, persistence and dedication is needed, and you will become professional.


If you attempt something but don’t succeed…

If you attempt something but don’t succeed, is it failure?

NO! It certainly is not failure!

It is ONLY failure if you just give up and never try again.

If you don’t succeed the first time you attempt something, you should learn from that experience and use it to be better prepared the next time that you try!

So the lesson is, you are not a failure by failing to succeed, you just have got to keep trying until you prevail

Become unflappable

Don’t fret, stress and get disrupted by life’s issues. It is life! It’s what life does!

So don’t sweat this stuff. Just deal with each issue as it comes and move forward. Understand it is another of life’s tests you just need to deal with and move on.

So be unflappable when these issues come along. Just shrug the shoulders and deal with it.

Your health will thank you for it!

What others “think” of you, is none of your business

Occasionally we may believe that other people may be thinking badly of us in some way. You may perhaps notice someone look at you in a different way or that they appear to whisper something to someone else, whilst perhaps glancing in your direction.

You, therefore, may truly believe they are talking about YOU! Or gossiping about YOU! Or saying something derogatory about YOU!


If they are not addressing you directly then it has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! In fact, it is most probably something going on in your own head! It’s your own mind thinking this way and playing tricks on you. It’s what your mind is good at doing when it doesn’t have the actual full facts available. It fills in the blanks with negative thoughts!


Understand that this is happening and just ignore the negative thoughts. Instead, focus on being yourself and not thinking that others are talking about you.

Because in reality if you cannot hear them, then it really isn’t any of your business anyway. Just move on and stop “thinking” things are going on when they actually are not.

Be smart…learn from others

Instead of trying to show people how smart you are, the smarter thing to do is to find out more in life, by listening to others.

You will soon discover whether they have valuable information that you can learn from or not.

If however you don’t stop and listen to others, you will miss golden nuggets of information that will move you forward in life.

Remember, everyone has something of value to teach you, so always listen to what they have to say.

Even if it is learning how NOT to do something!