What others “think” of you, is none of your business

Occasionally we may believe that other people may be thinking badly of us in some way. You may perhaps notice someone look at you in a different way or that they appear to whisper something to someone else, whilst perhaps glancing in your direction.

You, therefore, may truly believe they are talking about YOU! Or gossiping about YOU! Or saying something derogatory about YOU!


If they are not addressing you directly then it has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU! In fact, it is most probably something going on in your own head! It’s your own mind thinking this way and playing tricks on you. It’s what your mind is good at doing when it doesn’t have the actual full facts available. It fills in the blanks with negative thoughts!


Understand that this is happening and just ignore the negative thoughts. Instead, focus on being yourself and not thinking that others are talking about you.

Because in reality if you cannot hear them, then it really isn’t any of your business anyway. Just move on and stop “thinking” things are going on when they actually are not.