It’s a new decade not just a new year

We wish many of our close friends and colleagues a happy new year when the new year starts, but what does this really mean? 
We are celebrating a date change in a calendar and we get all excited for the festivities that are associated with the new date, rather than the prospect of what the new date actually signifies. After all every new day should be celebrated because it is a NEW day and another NEW opportunity as you will not get this day again.
So rather than just wish people a happy new year and “hope” for the best, why not MAKE it a fantastic new year by putting into action all the things you have really wanted to do, but have put off for so long?
Yes it is only a date change in the calendar, but because it is a new year and a new decade it really does give the sense of starting anew. So grasp this opportunity to make the plans and put into action what you have wanted to get done. 
So 2020 will truly be a really happy new year for you and for those closest to you because you decided to make it a Happy New Year!