Are the little details always missing?

We recently had some work done on our house and we had several different work people from different companies, all responsible for different items during the building process.

Some were responsible for the brick work, others for the electrical, others plumbing and so on.

Now it was SO noticeable between the different work streams, who was actually proud of what they were doing and wanted to do a professional job. Whilst some, just seemed to go through the motions and did the “job“, but it was missing the little details that made it a “great” job.

So my question to you in whatever profession or industry that you work in, do you do your BEST? Or do you merely just do what is required?

Are you leaving the customer or recipient of your work thinking,
“WOW, this was a great job well done, and a great piece of work”, singing your praises?

Or does the recipient of your work, merely think, “Meh!” this was just “average“…?

Remember you KNOW what is good and what isn’t quite your highest standard.

But don’t think others won’t appreciate what you do, so why bother to go that extra mile?

Go the extra mile because it is the “RIGHT” thing to do and you do it because you have integrity and KNOW it is the right thing to do!