Are you photoshopping your own selfie?

Are you photoshopping your own selfie?

Or are you using some sort of filter to try and enhance your own image?


Is it because you don’t feel worthy whilst on social media?

Is it because you feel you aren’t looking good like “everyone” else and so need to “cheat” to make yourself look better?


Well let me tell you this, social media is not what it seems. Many people are using false photos all the time!

This doesn’t mean you need to join them!

Many people feel they need to compete with everyone else and believe their natural look is not good enough, so resort to these filters.


But I can assure you, your natural look is better than any artificial filter distorting you.

That’s just lying to other people who look at you online, and you’re also lying to yourself too


You’re better than that!


So ditch the filter and let’s see the real you!

Because you ARE special, just the way you are!