Be careful…

We are constantly talking to ourselves and the crazy thing is, we are listening too!

So what we say to ourselves makes a HUGE difference to how things turn out. You see how the subconscious part of our brain (or our being) can tap into things we don’t fully understand, but we do know that it is powerful. So if you speak negatively to yourself, then the subconscious part is looking for negative things to confirm what you have said.

The opposite is true if you talk positively to yourself. Your subconscious part will look for positive things to confirm what you have just told it.

So you must be very careful what you say to yourself in the everyday conversations you have with yourself, and these conversations throughout a day count possibly into the hundreds.

If the majority of these conversations are negative, you will discover negative things are drawn to you and vice versa. If the majority of conversations with yourself are positive, you will discover positive things are drawn to you.

So try as much as possible to have positive conversations with yourself when you are talking to yourself. These conversations aren’t always going to be “sweetness and light” of course, because “life” throws challenges our way and we have to deal with them.

But do try and make a point of ensuring that the vast majority of this self-talk conversation is positive, so you will indeed attract more positive outcomes.