Don’t forget to “LIVE” your life!

You must not forget to live your life.

You may be wondering, “What does Tony mean by that?”

Or you may say, “Of course, I am living my life?!?”

Well, what I mean is that we are only on this planet for a relatively short period of time on the grand scale of things. And so we need to grasp opportunities whilst through life’s journey and don’t forget to make meaningful memories along the way too.

Because eventually, we will all get to our deathbed at the end of life and we want to recollect those meaningful memories that made life worth living, not the regret for those unfulfilled dreams or forsaken relationships

So I say, live your life.

Do what drives your heart and find and act upon your passion. Because all we have at the end of our journey are memories (not things). And those wonderful memories should bring that satisfied smile to our faces, knowing we led a life worth living rather than a life with regrets with missed opportunities