Is your self-confidence good…yet?

What is your self-confidence like? Do you back yourself?

Do you like how you act in life and are happy with who you are?

Normally, our self-confidence can take a battering throughout our lives because we have had to listen to the word “NO” on many occasions, and being told “no” in whatever capacity, is like a very light form of rejection, as you cannot do the thing which has resulted in hearing the word “no”.

Whilst “no” could be said by someone in authority as a way of protecting us, many of us having heard the word “no” thousands of times during our lives, sometimes take this stoppage in what we want to do, as something we are doing wrong, so we are somehow “less”.

This is entirely crooked thinking, and can and does undermine our self-confidence. Just because an action cannot be performed, the action can be delayed or amended. An action is something we “do” it is not a part of who we “are”

This is why most adults take these insecurities which have their source in childhood and falsely apply them into adulthood, therefore believing we are not quite good enough.

This stifles our confidence and self-worth and therefore we become apprehensive and don’t get as much fulfilment in life as we should, falsely believing we “shouldn’t” try because of the false conditioning of all the “no’s” over the years.

This does not serve us well in adulthood as it stifles us from achieving what we want to try and achieve.

This can be changed just by changing some of the vocabulary we use on a day-to-day basis. Instead of doubting ourselves, maybe introduce the word “YET” into our vocabulary.

So if something doesn’t go to plan, or we haven’t managed to do, it’s because we haven’t perhaps quite mastered it…Yet!

This slight shift in language means what we currently can’t do isn’t forever. It gives scope to believe we can go again until we DO get things right. This builds confidence over time, meaning we are starting to believe in ourselves.

So improving our confidence is not something that can happen overnight, but we can get there step-by-step by changing our vocabulary slightly.