The problem you’re having right now…

The problem you are having right now will most likely pass. Just like other problems you have had through your journey in life. Problems are PART of life’s journey.

Problems shape us. They make us stronger. They give us experience and knowledge despite the pain often experienced whilst going through them.

So your viewpoint may need to change in order to navigate problems better than you may be dealing with them right now

So it might feel like you’re passing a stone right this minute, whilst you are smack bang in the middle of the issue you are experiencing. However, give it some time and it should pass (the problem, not the stone! 😉!

If you look back on your life, would you say that you have had NO problems or issues at all? And this problem is unique?

Of course not. That is highly unlikely to be the case, so understand that any problems you have faced before have now passed and (hopefully) you have learned from them. So the one you are going through now will be similar

Whilst I appreciate some problems are different in scale and intensity, they are nonetheless problems we have to overcome.

Learning to deal with the problems IS what makes us stronger and better equipped to deal with the next one which inevitably will follow in the future

The only time a problem can’t be addressed is if that problem literally kills us. Whilst we may feel sometimes that most problems could do this, thankfully they do not and we mostly come out the other side having learned something from it, even if that lesson happened to be arduous and uncomfortable

We either mitigated the issue; find a way to overcome it or we find a way to remove it entirely. But either way, we have somehow “dealt” with it and moved on

So you just need to adopt a different viewpoint and “can do” approach to whatever you are facing and you will again overcome it and realise it is just another life lesson