You can’t 100% control the results want!

No, you can’t control the results you want, but you can control 100% of the activity needed to get the results you want.

Results are merely the outcome of the activity! So if you do want to get as close to the results you want, you need to get good at the activity and monitor the activity very carefully and adjust and measure the activity every step of the way.

So the focus is on getting the amount of activity right, for your desired results!

So the takeaway here is to measure, measure, and measure some more.

Track the activity closely…

  • Measure whether is it enough?
  • Do you need to increase it?
  • Is it the correct activity for your particular goal? Or do you need to adjust it?
  • Get specialist help to determine whether the activity fits the outcomes in the desired timeframes, if you are not equipped or knowledgeable yet to determine this

Once you grasp that the activity is the focus of your attention despite the end goal being the final destination, then the end goal will be achieved