Action or Inaction?

Idleness is a choice and a major key to poverty in society. Idleness is a part of fear. Fear of the outcome. Fear that the outcome is perhaps worse than what you have now? So fear grips and inaction is the result. Regular inaction leads to idleness and apathy. A spiral we may struggle to remove ourselves from.

What crooked thinking.

Because any outcome is unknown and the crooked manifestation of the outcome is just a poor thought process in your head. Fear perhaps that if you act, may require energy that you feel you don’t possess and then the outcome is a failure. So the action and energy were wasted. Thus the poor thought is to believe it is not worth trying in the first place.

How wrong this is.

Opportunity comes to all of us during our lifetime. We don’t know what that opportunity is and in what form it takes, but it does appear during our lifetime. However, it takes courage to spot it when it appears and action to grab it and use it. But you have to have tried and acted on numerous occasions, even without success, until you eventually find that success. If you fail to act believing it is not worthwhile, you will miss those opportunities when they DO appear

The action seems to be linked to eventual success, whereas inaction is a guarantee of failure

So it’s better to act even if you’re unsure of the outcome, as action will eventually bring success. Whereas inaction is a failure by default.

So change your thinking and understand inaction leads to no-where, but action, repeated, will eventually lead to successes