Be YOUR best!

In the UK there is an advert on TV that is for the British Army and they say to come and join them to “Be the Best”!

What a great mantra to live by. Because you should strive to Be Your Best in Life no matter what you are doing. Sorry, British Army, but you don’t need to join the army in order to be your best, however, I do love the slogan and what they are meaning by the advert.

Although I am not recruiting for the army, they do challenge you as an individual and “encourage” you to do things you may not necessarily want to do, but by attempting these things which in essence are out of your comfort zone, you discover talents you did not know you possessed. So they do mean it when they say, be the best!

Now as I said above, you don’t need to join the army to be your best. You just need to be your best in everything you do in your day-to-day life and do things every day to make the world a better place.

Let’s be honest, you will leave this stage called “Life” at some point in the future, so how do you want to leave your legacy? Don’t you want to leave this planet that little bit better than when you found it?

So when you do eventually get to your death bed you can feel proud that you gave it your best and lived your life as best you could. Because by giving it your best and trying your best at everything you try and do, you actually leave the world a better place by default.

So strive to be your best, no matter what, you’ll be glad you did and the world will thank you for it