Are you a quick or slow decision maker?

Although “thinking things through” is a good approach before taking most actions, sometimes some people get muddled up using this thinking with “every decision that is needed to be made“!?!

On some occasions “overthinking” will just cause paralysis and you may miss out on the opportunity or situation presented.

So you need to make sure that what you are “thinking” about or deliberating about is warranted for the situation that has been presented to you.

There is no point overthinking a decision that doesn’t have long term repercussions. In this scenario, a quick response is perhaps warranted. And you can go with a “gut” feeling if this is the way you happen to operate

On the occasions where the decision has long term repercussions, then of course this is the time when you DO need to take time and think through the decision. Because getting these types of decisions wrong, could have lasting long term issues

So you may be wondering what is the right approach?

Well, each scenario is different and there isn’t a “one size fits all” correct approach!

You need to gauge whether the scenario presented will have long term repercussions for you or others. So you should approach each decision and ponder whether the outcome could have a bearing in a year’s time or even more? And this outcome may not be just what happens to you, but to anyone important to you too!

If it does, then ponder and DO take the time to come to your decision.
And if NO is the correct answer for this particular circumstance, then say “NO” too!

If on the other hand, the decision is a simple as picking a film to watch, then it doesn’t need this sort of long thought out deliberation and a swift choice is simply needed

But a word of warning…DO “think” about the decision, even if you believe a simple quick answer is warranted. Because you may be surprised that even a simple decision on the surface, could come back and bite you in the bum later!