It doesn’t matter if others don’t like you?

Have you had to put yourself “out there” especially online, for a business, hobby, church or charity but had some feedback that wasn’t as great as you had first hoped?

Well, this unfortunately is part of the journey. As soon as you raise your head above the parapet, you will get some people slinging mud at you!

It is just one of these things and you shouldn’t take most of the stuff personally anyway, even if it appears directed personally at you. You have to develop a little bit of a thick skin if you want to succeed and move forward in whatever you are trying.

Remember, some people are struggling to like themselves and find it far easier to have a go at other people for their own shortcomings. This gives them a short term “feel good”, but it doesn’t last. This is because the problem is with them all along and has nothing to do with you.

Most of the negativity that we are subjected to is from online sources and very rarely would some of the words people write, ever be used in a face to face scenario.

So remember, don’t take things personally if you are criticised online and you believe others don’t like you. Because the problem is likely with them rather than with you.