Do you appreciate what is “actually” important?

I don’t normally like to create posts that have a political theme, but because of the goings-on in Afghanistan, I felt the need to make a point based on what has been happening over there.

On many of the major news outlets, we have witnessed many thousands of people fleeing the new Taliban regime. Frightened people making their way to the airport for evacuation with any few possessions they are permitted to take with them, and for some, they literally are having to leave with only the clothes on their backs.

Once safely away, they have to try and start a new life in another country, which can be so different to the place they are just leaving. However, because they have managed to get away with their lives, they are grateful for any opportunity.

This is not a situation isolated to Afghanistan. People in many other places around the world, and obviously currently in Afghanistan, are having to run away from everything they have had, just to survive persecution (and potentially even death) under various strict regimes.

We in the West are SO fortunate.

Many of us simply don’t realise the paradise we are living in, compared to some places around the globe.
We live in societies that most of the world’s populations would trade with us in a heartbeat, and we “still” find time to moan and groan about the little things which are really inconsequential and meaningless.

We can get upset with not having the latest iPhone or latest Android gadget, or get worried and concerned that we may not look that great on social media.
We SO have to get into perspective, just what IS important in life.

Many things in Western societies are almost handed to us on a plate. So this can create a group of people in society, who believe they are simply entitled to expect things to be given to them without having first earned their way. This entitlement and constant “ease” of obtaining most of the things they desire, makes “physical things” important to collect. When in reality, physical things have no true value at all.

First off, we should be grateful, that by and large, the majority of us don’t live in fear.
We don’t face the potential threat of someone knocking on our door in the middle of the night, accusing us of having done something fairly innocuous, but therefore worthy of enslavement or even death, in the eyes of the authorities.

Secondly, we have relative abundance. By and large, we can get what we want, when we want it if we have earned it.

Thirdly, most of us live in freedom and are able to do what we choose; go where we want and say what we wish; without fear of persecution.

So when you next feel the need to grumble about missing out on the latest fad, device or clothing, or feel that your social media image is being tarnished, step back, have a look at the bigger picture and realise that these things are indeed meaningless in the greater scheme of things.

Instead look and appreciate the “real” important things in life, like living in peace, having abundance and having our freedom to do what we want.
These are the true things we are fortunate to have, that so many other people around the world, crave!