Are you “really” serious of being successful?

Are you really?

A great number of people every year say a similar thing…
“Ok, this year I’m getting serious, I’m going to __________”

Unfortunately, every year the same thing seems to happen and they don’t get the success they have just stated

So what happened?

They let the everyday things in life which happen to us all, simply get in the way and block their path.

Oh you know, the excuses…this guy needed me and auntie Beryl wanted us to go there in the Summer and my kid needed help with his football lesson and this other stuff came, up and this other stuff came up and this other stuff came up, etc., etc., etc.

And before you know it weeks and months have passed and then the New Year comes around again! And they simply rinse and repeat the statements they made the year before, except this time, they are another year older and none the wiser!

People can claim that on this occasion things will be different because this year, “I am focused”, but in reality, they haven’t changed anything or really want to change anything, so they don’t!

Remember the definition of insanity? Is continuing the same activity and expecting a different result! This is exactly what is happening here!

There has to be a “serious” decision made, where you draw a line in the sand and you say, “Enough is Enough” and mean it this time.

Cast aside the things that will impede your successes and if that involves ditching people who are a drain on your life, then you need to make some important decisions to decide whether are they the right people to drive you forward in your life or not.

Do these people suck the enthusiasm out of you so impeding your progress? If so, don’t hang out with them. Leave them be. Instead, mix with people who encourage you and want you to succeed and can actually give you the means and advice TO succeed.

For this sort of higher level of information and advice on how to succeed, you need to pay for it. And don’t scrimp. If some people or companies have a track record and can provide you with the information you need to get you to your destination quicker than you would do on your own, then pay for this. It will be cheaper in the long term especially as good information comes at a price.

If you have to retrain to get ahead, look at that too! But do SOMETHING different to move forward.

Otherwise you will again be at the start of the new year repeating the same lines as before.

So I ask again, are you really serious this time?