Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone’s angry or rude response?

Most of the time, this isn’t you that is the issue at all, but the problem more than often lies with them.

Unless there is something huge that has happened that has adversely affected someone in a major way and you are genuinely the cause of this problem, there should be no real reason for someone to be purposely rude, aggressive, or angry toward someone else.

If this does happen, then is more likely a problem they are having personally than you the recipient of the anger.

They may be having challenges or issues that they are struggling with, and you are the next person they have come into contact with, and they have let loose on you. Or the pressure they are experiencing has built up over a period of time and that pressure is being released in your direction.

So don’t take things like this personally if you are confronted with someone who is rude and angry. Don’t blame yourself for sure, or believe that it is something you should have done differently.

Most often this anger is not directed at you personally anyway, but it could be directed at “anyone” that has happened to have crossed their path. Unfortunately, you are the one on the receiving end.

This doesn’t excuse them of course, nor should it, but as long as you realize this upfront, then you can shield yourself somewhat.

This way you are protecting your self-confidence understanding that the problem is not with you but with them.

This understanding can also dictate how you respond too. Because if you realize that the issue is not with you personally, but it is them just trying to “vent”, then your response can be measured and not be confrontational in return, and instead you can diffuse the anger rather than fuel it.