Everything all around us is just “data”

How we interpret that data is dependant on us.

It’s the lens it passes through (or filter) that is in our brain that determines how we perceive this data. Our biases (and some of which are unconscious) influence how we interpret that data and then the conclusion they steer us to.

It’s this lens or filter that biases these inputs, that we need to be aware of and try to control and sometimes “peg” it back. So all you see is the raw data, instead of a manipulated or biased version after it has entered into your mind.

Emotions often distort the data still further as does your well-being at the time the data is received. So ensuring you are in a “good place” to begin with, allows the data to be less manipulated. If your well-being isn’t that great, then you may view the data in a less favourable state!

This is why two different people can witness the exact same event but have different interpretations of that event, based on their “filters” altering what was received. Only those training in observing data and reporting it “as is” can accurately ignore and suppress the bias filters.

So when we see something or are involved in a situation, try not to distort it with any personal bias, but look at it in the raw form it came to you if it is at all possible, which is just data.

Unless your opinion about that data is sought after, try not to give your opinion. Rather be like a computer and just report on the pure data you have received. Don’t be tempted to add your interpretation of that data.