You don’t need to go for 100%

A lot of people believe they need to strive for 100% perfection.

This is actually daft as it can never actually be achieved? As you will always find holes or tweaks that need to be made, to push yourself that bit further, but is this just wasted effort that could be focused elsewhere?

Once you have hit over 90 to 95% success rate, those last few percentage points are really tough to achieve and in some cases, even impossible to reach. So you really need to assess whether those extra percentage points are worth spending the time, money, and resources on?

Wouldn’t your energy be better placed elsewhere?

This is a difficult juggling act

Now you may be thinking, “But Tony shouldn’t you strive for it anyway?”

Yes, you should strive for 100% when first starting out or when you are seriously below the line that you want to be over and need to make some big changes. And yes the 100% target gives you something clear to aim for.

But when you are within close proximity of your goal, you do need to look back at the successes you have achieved thus far and seriously contemplate whether those last remaining percentage gains are actually worth going for?

Because if your customers or clients are still rolling in and you haven’t reached 100% then what you are doing is working, so maybe your focus shouldn’t be on reaching the remaining 100% target, but instead improving the experience elsewhere