A hug used to just be a simple hug…?

A hug ordinarily was just that…a hug and no more over in just a few moments.

Whilst it gives a sense of warmth and love whilst you are embraced in the hug, once it is finished it is over

Now during the pandemic, the simple hug has oh so much more meaning. Because we have had to endure long periods of time of not seeing and holding loved ones dear. So resulting in craving the hug so much more.

More than ever the hug is one of the single things we are missing as if our bodies need the hug “fix” from people who are special in our lives. And when the hug is deprived for so long, we feel less and somehow incomplete.

Once this pandemic is over and we can as a population revert back to some sort of normality, then the simple hug will be no longer be a simple hug. It will be cherished and appreciated SO much more than ever before, having been deprived to so many.

So when you are fortunate enough to next receive that magical hug from a loved one, remember that moment when you are being held. Ensure it isn’t as brief as normal, but instead, hold that hug and feeling as long as you can, so the wonderful love, warmth, and feeling can be etched into your mind and the hug can last a lifetime!