What is your “A” to “R” ratio?

Your “A” (Activity) to “R” (Results) ratio.

If you want to be successful in whatever venture you are pursuing, then your activity in order to achieve the results you want to achieve needs to be in proportion to your expected result.

If you have visions of sitting on your rear end and doing very little, then it is very unlikely that the result you seek will come to fruition. If you want big results you need big activity.

And I don’t mean you need to work physically hard to achieve this. It is rather the proportion of work you do, be it online or offline, in order to make your success happen

Now some of you may say, “hold on, aren’t there some people online who earn millions with very little effort?”, well the media may give the impression that this is a common occurrence. In reality, this is very rare indeed. Just like winning the lottery by buying a ticket. It “can” happen where you win the jackpot on a lottery, but the chances of it happening for you are incredibly slim.

Therefore control the things that are in your direct control of, and that is the activity you put in, in order to make your venture succeed.

So, ensure your A to R ratio is in proportion, as that is the way the results will follow the activity.

One final point is to make sure your activity is also “consistent and persistent” over a long period of time. This is what most successful people have done. They have been in a marathon not a sprint when it comes to their activity. It is this persistence and consistency matched with a high enough level of activity that produces the results