Feedback is good, isn’t it?

Feedback by and large IS good, because it is the only way of finding out what you did well and what you didn’t do quite so well, so you can take stock and make adjustments where appropriate

However who is giving you that feedback is also very key…

Are you taking feedback from “EVERY” Tom, Dick and Harry?

Because if they are not in any circle of influence for you, you shouldn’t be taking it on board. Listen of course, because they “may” make a valid point at times. Otherwise just treat their comments as mere opinion, rather than guidance.

If they are a customer who spends money with you so you value their feedback or a peer and/or consultant who has similar experience with whom you are soliciting feedback. then of course take the feedback on board.

However, if they don’t fit this small group of people, then listen of course out of politeness, but don’t be influenced by it, especially if it appears bad advice or strange suggestions.

Because you may soon discover that not everyone has your best interests at heart and they could be out to merely tear you down, as opposed to give you sound proper feedback that you can use to move forward with.