What if what we experience is all a dream?

Someone posed a very interesting question today and that was, “what if all we experience (or think we are experiencing) is in actual fact a dream?”

So in essence what we are doing is in living within a vivid dream. So when we sleep that is the reality of existence…!?!

To be honest, I was blown away with this thought, as there is no real way of confirming or denying whether it is EVEN true or can be proved? So it was just a philosophical question in the end…

But it did lead me to think along similar lines, where, if we do act in a certain manner, then life tends to reflect this manner back towards us, so we end up experiencing more of what we give out. Maybe not straight away, but perhaps later on in some way.

This then would imply we are not mere feathers blowing in the “wind of life” and carried along the path of existence, unsure of where the wind will take us next.

But instead, our actions can direct the flow of the “metaphorical feather in the wind” and we can influence where the feather moves to (although not perfectly) but certainly, in the “general” direction we want to go in

So if we behave badly, then the feather moving in the wind of life, will travel toward dangers and places we don’t actually want to go to. Whereas if we live our life with purpose and try and do good as best we can with our abilities, then the feather is steered towards nicer places and outcomes.

Meaning we are in some control of our direction in life and are not merely leaving “everything” to mere chance