Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice, it isn’t based on what things happen in your life.

Happiness is a personal trait and a choice! So if you choose to be happy then you will be!

Some people have said,

“Oh if only I had xxxx, then I would be happy…” or

“If I could be just like xxxx, then I would be happy…”

There are many examples of this where people are determining their happiness based on the outcome of an external situation or action. This is incorrect, as happiness is far more powerful when it is an internal trait. Sure external things can enhance happiness or decrease it, but you are still the “owner” of how you choose whether to be happy or not?

You can’t delegate happiness to external factors only, as you will be forever the victim of the “winds of life” that are passing your way. And as we know, life can be harsh sometimes. So when it is harsh, even if just a little bit, then bang goes your happiness.

However, if you choose to be happy and this comes from within, because for instance, you are happy to be alive, then external factors won’t stop you from being happy. Because you have made the choice not the external factor determining it for you.

External factors can affect your level of happiness of course because we are emotional creatures after all. But external factors shouldn’t undermine or affect YOUR decision on being happy because you own that trait and have chosen to be happy.