Just because I don’t agree with you…

Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I don’t care, respect or still care about you!

We just disagree and that’s all. We are individuals after all and can’t possibly agree about everything. Having differing opinions is what makes the world interesting, otherwise, we would all be exactly the same and in fact, progress would not be made if we all thought the same!

It’s when people have differing opinions, do you get to see the world from another viewpoint that we may not have initially considered or understood.

Even after seeing that viewpoint, you may still not agree with it, but at least you are aware of the differing viewpoint. You don’t need to accept it, but you need to be aware of it and respect the person who has this differing view.

Because if you are entitled to your point of view, they are also entitled to theirs despite us perhaps not agreeing with it.

The world at the moment, appears to have lost the art of disagreement and has now made it somehow an offensive issue? It also seems to be whoever shouts the loudest is the one that is perceived as “right” as opposed to what actually IS right!

If other people disagree with you, try and find some middle ground (as sensible adults) where you can come to some consensus and move on.

As long as the disagreement doesn’t negatively directly affect anyone physically or mentally, then you can and should accept that you have differing viewpoints. It doesn’t mean however that you have to hate one another or get to the point of inflicting pain on one another.

It is still enough in this world for people to disagree amicably and reach a consensus rather than be acrimonious to one another.

Life is simply too short to be acrimonious with one another. It just leads to bitterness, ill health and shorter lifespan!