How do you define yourself?

I have attended countless non-business meetings where there is an obligatory introduction of all the delegates to one another. Pretty much every single time, even though it is NOT a business meeting, everyone starts off with their name and then say, “and I am a … xxx” or “and I work at…xxx” (where xxx is their job).


We should not be defining who we are by our job! The job is a part of our life and may be a very important part for some, but it isn’t OUR life!


We need to define who we are as a person first and bring in what you do for a as a job later perhaps?


Here’s a better example… “I’m a husband to a wonderful wife and father to two boys. I have always enjoyed working with computers and thankfully the career I have taken has allowed me to follow my passion of working with computers and I now work in the IT industry”


We appear to make the job define who we are, which is incorrect! The job is merely an aspect of our life, but it isn’t OUR life! We must remember that.