UFO sightings coming down…!?!

Apparently reports of UFO sightings have been coming down of late and UFO skeptics are questioning why this is? Because if there ARE UFO’s out there, surely the reports should be going up and not down, because there are so many more cameras out there, as everyone has one on a smartphone.

Well could it be down to the fact that people are actually looking "down" more instead of looking up at the sky, because of their smart phones?  So if there is anything strange in the sky, nobody is actually spotting it!

This problem isn’t just affecting UFO reports, as there are less and less proper conversation and interaction between people, because of the distraction of the smart phones. Whilst phones are a blessing on one hand as they have brought the world to the palm of our hand, they are a curse on the other, by reducing proper interactions between on another.

This is prevalent in the younger generation and they are losing the art and skill of face to face communication.