I have an Issue…!

Your answer should be, “What can I do about it?” or “How can I resolve this?”
NOT “I can’t do anything about it”!
Too many times we find problems and focus on those, rather than look for the solutions. We encounter problems all the time, that is what life does! It creates a series of problems that we all have to deal with and move on from.
Each of these problems are there to test you to see if you can overcome them. Sometimes they test you to the limit, but they become a life lesson that you have to learn from to help you in future
So never say “I can’t” when a problem appears, or even worse feel you are forever a victim of life’s problems. The problems are there to test your strength and resolve, not to break you. So understand what they are – deal with them the best you can – and then move forward.
Remember, always try to be a solution finder, not a problem finder!