New year = New Start?

The new year is firmly with us, so how is it going so far?

Has it stated with a new start to your life? A new sense of purpose?

Perhaps even making lots of resolutions to make a change one way or another?

So how is it all going? Is the enthusiasm of a new start already starting to wane? Or are you still strong of character to still pursue your goals with the same gusto as to how you started them?

I do really hope that you are progressing nicely with your goals and making those small incremental changes needed to bring positive changes. Sometimes many of us fall foul because we want everything to happen quickly, when in reality that simply doesn’t happen that way.

Lasting change takes time to implement using consistent and persistent effort. It can’t manifest itself over just a couple of weeks, otherwise it wasn’t really a life changing goal to begin with.

So my message to you is, hang in there. Focus on the end goal of what it is you want to achieve. Don’t focus on the here and now as any small gains may be too small to really recognise as it is too soon. You only start to measure small wins or milestones after about a month initially. Then assess as to how things are going then and adjust things then if necessary.

Don’t lose heart, keep on going. Just pat yourself on the back for starting as that is actually the biggest hurdle most people struggle with.

So if you have at least started on your pursuit of your goal, congratulate yourself for taking that first step. It’s just now you need to remember to NOT stop until the goal is reached.