Season’s Greetings!

Most people get some down time during this festive period and hopefully look forward to the new year with some “hope” that things will be better in the New Year.

Whilst hope is a wonderful thing, this is left too much to chance, so we need to “make” things happen in our lives if we want things to be better.

Things we cannot directly control we have to accept that we cannot control and let them go as they are just a part of life, so we don’t need to sweat over them.

Things we “can” control and influence directly in a positive manner, then we should attempt to do so if it is beneficial to do so and we “want” to affect them in some way.

Realise this difference that we do have the choice on many levels to influence the things that happen to us.

Take the time to reflect on what those are and if you’re unsure, spend some time to write them down and decide which things you can or can’t influence or change. Doing this simple exercise during this holiday period can give you clarity for the future, knowing what you can let go of without worry and those things you have the choice to influence and change.

Enjoy time with loved ones, but also have some down time for reflection wherever possible