Do you have a mental “life” map as a guide?

This isn’t a literal map that you can buy from a store, but it should certainly be a kind of map, route or path to follow, to get you to a destination where you want to be. The destination, like an “X” marking the spot on a physical map, is your goal.

The mental “life” map, is a route to a success destination, rather than a physical location

The mental “life” map gives you a sense of purpose if you choose to follow it, because it shows you the path you have to tread. It gives you signposts directing you to that something more. Somewhere where you want to see yourself being.

The analogy sometimes given, is, you need a destination in order to begin the journey, so you need to be clear first of what you want out of life. The mental “life” map then gives you information for that journey.

Which route to take to navigate to that destination?

Which training will I need to help me get there?

What skills do I have to learn?

Shall I take the long and easy path or perhaps the shorter more tricky and challenging path?

You choose the direction you want to go on the map and how fast or slow you want to go too. You must ensure however, you have the right means of travel (energy and enthusiasm) and then follow the advice provided by the mental “life” map.

Without the map guiding you and informing you on the best way to turn, can be frustrating and leave you in limbo. This can lead to you mistakenly believing your life has no meaning or direction, leading to a disillusionment.

A UK term for this, is someone who is “lost” in life.

This is a real shame

So do you have a mental “life” map guiding you to an end goal?

One showing and suggesting the right direction to take on where you want to head to?

Or has this end destination not properly formed as yet, so the mental “life” map is of no use because you haven’t got a clue where you want to end up?

If not, you need to make time to find out where you want to get out of life. What is your purpose?

When you discover what this is, then your mental “life” map will become clearer and become easier to follow.