Money doesn’t make you happy…

We’ve all heard this statement haven’t we? That money doesn’t make you happy.

It’s strange however that is appears only people without money tend to say this?!?

I will stand corrected if I hear someone who does indeed “have a lot of money” say the same thing. So far, I am unaware whether this is the case.

You see this statement that money doesn’t make you happy is actually true. Money itself doesn’t buy your happiness, all it does it gives you the ability to purchase “things”. The “things” themselves don’t bring happiness. They may bring short term enjoyment, but that feeling is often short lived.

If however you have enough wealth, but you are NOT happy, then you can always “choose” to give it away to those that don’t have any.

I’m pretty sure those people who are the recipients of your generosity would accept it and be grateful of the gesture made by you. And the mere fact of giving any additional wealth and money you have to those that are in need of it (eg. good causes, people on the breadline, etc.) will give you something pleasurable in return, like a feeling of fulfilment and joy, because you have managed to do something good for others.

This is where true happiness lies. What you can do for others.

Money is not needed to do something good for others. It helps for sure, but it isn’t needed. You can gain happiness just by doing good deeds for others that are in need, and that doesn’t necessarily need money to do.

So to get happiness, don’t rely on money, instead take the focus off of yourself and do something to help others.

This will give you more than money ever could.