Quick tip to break a bad habit

Having problems breaking a bad habit that you know you shouldn’t do anymore?

Well, we humans on occasion take comfort from the things we shouldn’t do, and then when you’ve done them a while, they become habits and then can be quite difficult to reverse.

A good way of breaking a habit is to record yourself on video (using a smartphone or webcam) talking about your habit and why you want to break the habit.
You record yourself on video each night. (Try and do the recording at the same time each night, so this too becomes a routine).

Now when you record yourself it only needs to last 30 seconds to a minute in length. You can do longer if you wish, but short and sweat is best.

So remember, all you do it just talk about your bad habit and why you would like it to stop.  Mention that you value yourself, so that is more reason to break the habit because you realise it isn’t doing you good.

It is almost like a video diary to yourself,  but not quite. It is like a lesson to you, from you!

Don’t delete the video, just watch them after you had recorded them. Then keep them and revisit them, watching them in sequence.

You will find that being accountable to yourself via a video, seems to work very well.

If you’re brave enough to show a loved one, then that is good too, but make sure whoever you show them to won’t do something negative and ridicule you.

If you’re not sure whether to show them to anyone, then don’t. Just keep them for yourself.

Watching yourself back talking about a habit you need to break, is a great motivating factor because you will take advice from yourself.

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